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Enabling Economies of Sharing Through Social Media

One of the reasons why I get excited about social media and ubiquitous connectivity is because of the potential to develop economies of sharing. Whether you realize it or not you already contribute to economies of sharing: for example, what finances many of the websites you visit is your ability to share information about yourself with advertisers […]

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The Social Airplane

So one of the things that has happened to me after 3 years in Silicon Valley is that I spend a lot of time thinking about how to incorporate ‘social’ into traditional business models. After all, the power of social is the power to use technology to create human communications where none existed before. To this extent, […]

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Facebook and the Power of US

Free from the shackles of working for a competitor, I feel as if I can finally begin the process of speaking to my deep admiration for Facebook. Don’t get me wrong: I still love Google and I think Google+ is a great product whose full potential has yet to be realized. In addition, since Google+ […]

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