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Why Revolutions Fail

An abridged version of this post exists for those less interested in reading about my personal connection to the topic. You can find it here. As a young man growing up on the far eastern edge of the North American continent, I hadn’t much experience of the outside world beyond the borders of the Canadian […]

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Why Revolutions Fail (Abridged)

This is an abridged version of a longer essay. You can find the original here. After dedicating a good chunk of the time and energy of my adult life to the idea of revolution I have come to an uncomfortable conclusion. I say “uncomfortable” because my current beliefs undermine a lot of my past beliefs […]

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The Internet/Globalization is Spreading Western Values

I should start by saying that this blog post represents the initial stages of a thought process that is far from complete and I’m not quite happy with my ability to clearly explain myself yet. My hope therefore is that the reader will consider the ideas contained herein as a proposal for a discussion as […]

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