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Online Advertising Explained: Part 1: Why we should love online advertising

It sounds strange to say, but one of my passions is online advertising. Upon first glance this may seem like a very superficial interest: after all, the words “online advertising” summons images of pop-up ads and  the desire to punch a monkey. However, over the course of the next few posts I will argue that […]

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10 Insider Tips for Getting Hired at Google (or Any Coveted Company)

Hey Everyone, this blog post was originally published by the Brazen Careerist. Please find the original article here. As a former hiring manager at Google, I can tell you that the first secret of getting hired at Google is that there are no secrets to getting hired at Google. The truth is that Google’s hiring process is […]

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Why does Google Fear Facebook?

Someone asked me recently why Google is afraid of Facebook, and why it would feel the urge to launch a social network to challenge Facebook’s core business. After all, Facebook gets social and it does it quite well. Google, on the other hand, does search better than anyone. On the surface they appear to be […]

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