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Larry Page Did Well to Ignore Steve Jobs

In my latest piece published on TheNextWeb.com I argue that Larry Page’s smartest move as CEO of Google has been to ignore Steve Jobs’ advice to keep the company focused. Find the Article here: http://thenextweb.com/google/2013/01/12/larry-page-did-well-to-ignore-steve-jobs/?fromcat=all

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Google Vs. France: Reorganizing the Media Landscape

Google Vs. France: Reorganizing the Media Landscape Hey Everyone,  A published a more organized article on the topic of the recent spat between Google and France on TheNextWeb.com. You can find the link here. Enjoy! 

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Google V. The French Media: Who Will Surrender?

By Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo If you’re either a techie or a media junkie you’re likely aware that Google and the French media are currently barreling down the information highway in each other’s direction playing a high stakes game of chicken. Google, operating on the assumption that the French always surrender (do I need to say which side […]

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Why Would Google Make glasses and Sell Fiber-Optic Internet in Kansas?

After a prolonged absence from my blog resulting from extensive travel (both work and pleasure), I’ve come back with two blog posts on the subject of my former employer, Google. The questions I want to set out to address in this post is why would Google want to make and sell glasses and why would […]

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What if Google Created its own Currency?

What if Google Created its own Currency?

My latest blogpost comes via @TheNextWeb, and in it I discuss how Google should create its own currency in order to complete the social eco-system by giving people around the world a means to create online transactions without depending on the banking system.

Right now if you want to buy or sell something online you have to already have access to a bank account and often times a credit card. Though this system works for those from the developed world, it doesn’t work for the hundreds of millions of people in the so-called “Third World” who have access to the internet before having access to a bank account.

What then if we could create a way to earn and spend money online without needing a bank account? What if Google made such a system a fundamental component of Google+? These are the questions I seek to address in this post.

Special Thank to @TheNextWeb for providing me the opportunity to publish on one of my favourite web publications. 

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Reflections on Leadership Part 1 – Leadership Context and Culture, featuring Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg

Aside from technology and politics the topic I spend a lot of time studying, thinking about and working on is ‘leadership.’ Throughout my professional career I have the opportunity to observe different leaders in different capacities and from those experiences I have drawn a number of conclusions. For the longest time though I’ve avoided writing […]

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Is Instagram worth a billion dollars?

You know what’s cooler than a million dollars?  What?  A Billion Dollars.  ­The Social Network So, is it? The short answer to the question of whether or not Instagram is worth a billion dollars is yes, it is, because that’s exactly the price Facebook was willing to pay for it. Did they overpay? Like the […]

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The Internet/Globalization is Spreading Western Values

I should start by saying that this blog post represents the initial stages of a thought process that is far from complete and I’m not quite happy with my ability to clearly explain myself yet. My hope therefore is that the reader will consider the ideas contained herein as a proposal for a discussion as […]

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Why Google’s Survival Depends on Google+

Google needs Google+ to succeed. Failure is not an option. What is at stake is the survival of the company. To place a bet on the future based on the present, however, would be extremely  naive. Here’s why (I should add that everything written below is based on my opinion as an observer and not […]

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Online Advertising Explained: Part 2: How Google Makes Money, and I mean Stupid Amounts of Money

In an earlier post on the subject of Why does Facebook Fear Google? I wrote about how the battle between search (Google) and discovery (Facebook) boiled down to dominance in re-directing traffic on the internet. There is another area where Google and Facebook compete, and that is for advertiser dollars. In this post, I’ll talk […]

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