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Reflections on Leadership Part 1 – Leadership Context and Culture, featuring Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg

Aside from technology and politics the topic I spend a lot of time studying, thinking about and working on is ‘leadership.’ Throughout my professional career I have the opportunity to observe different leaders in different capacities and from those experiences I have drawn a number of conclusions. For the longest time though I’ve avoided writing […]

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Taking Steps Towards Digital Democracy

The single most difficult concept for many people to grasp when discussing the possibilities of the future is the idea that as our innovations evolve so too does the context that enables those innovations. For example, when Google made public its self-driving car a lot of people scoffed at the idea that such a machine-driven […]

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My Itchy Hand

“I write when my hand itches”. One of the most influential authors on my early understanding of how the world works, Eduardo Galeano, used these words to explain why he writes. Similarly, though I shall never obtain the talent to infuse economics with poetry the way Galeano does, I write today because of the itch […]

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