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Disruption or Disintermediation? The Nature of Change of Our Changing Nature.

The use of the word ‘disruption’ to describe the changes brought about by the ubiquity of computational devices and connectivity to the internet has become cliché. The term is useful in that it provides a rhetorical safety net by simultaneously describing everything and nothing, but its lack of precision inhibits technologists from achieving the goal […]

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Digital Democracy Series: Can ubiquitous connectivity make political parties obsolete?

If I think ahead into what I want the world to look like in 30 years, one of my hopes is that connectivity will be so ubiquitous that we no longer need political parties to act as the primary means through which we practice democracy. I say ‘practice’ democracy because democracy is, like the act of […]

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The internet is making us better people, and Joseph Kony proves it.

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately as a result of professional and personal travel but it certainly hasn’t been as a result of a lack of ideas or inspiration. I In fact, just now I came from a meeting with Argentine Technologist Santiago Siri and our conversation made me connect the dots between a few different […]

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