Podcast Interview With Jorge Soto, Co-Founder of CitiVox

Interview With Jorge Soto

Here it is: my first ever self-produced podcast! I feel very fortunate that I regularly get to meet fascinating people doing amazing things to improve the state of the world. Jorge Soto is one of them and thus a fitting subject fora podcast. Jorge is the 27 year old co-founder of CitiVox, a Mexican Start-Up that uses technology to help citizens engage with government. Some of their projects include election monitoring, tracking of violence against journalists in Northern Mexico, making governments accountable to citizens, etc. 

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Why Revolutions Fail

An abridged version of this post exists for those less interested in reading about my personal connection to the topic. You can find it here. As a young man growing up on the far eastern edge of the North American continent, I hadn’t much experience of the outside world beyond the borders of the Canadian […]

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Why Revolutions Fail (Abridged)

This is an abridged version of a longer essay. You can find the original here. After dedicating a good chunk of the time and energy of my adult life to the idea of revolution I have come to an uncomfortable conclusion. I say “uncomfortable” because my current beliefs undermine a lot of my past beliefs […]

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Asilio de Julian Assange en Ecuador: Es refugiado?

Por Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter Que tiene que ver el asilo politico que solicito Assange con la realidad de miles de refugiados, desplazados forzozamente hacia Ecuador? Poco. Desde hace decadas, ha existido una confusion terminological entre los terminus “asilo” y “refugio.” Aunque las dos figures tienen objetivos similares, la diferenciacion entre las dos es crucial para la […]

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The Role of Government in the Era of Crowdsourcing

My post this week comes via the World Economic Forum’s blog. Today I am discussing the changing role of government in the era of crowdsourcing. You can find the original post here: When the SpaceX Dragon Capsule touched down last week in the Pacific Ocean after its successful unmanned mission to the International Space Station, it brought […]

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Reflections on Leadership Part 1 – Leadership Context and Culture, featuring Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg

Aside from technology and politics the topic I spend a lot of time studying, thinking about and working on is ‘leadership.’ Throughout my professional career I have the opportunity to observe different leaders in different capacities and from those experiences I have drawn a number of conclusions. For the longest time though I’ve avoided writing […]

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Let’s Make Spoiled Ballots Count

By Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo Sometimes in life we become so accustomed to the absurd nature of certain things that we fail to recognize them as absurd. Nowhere are these absurdities more prevalent than in how we manage to govern ourselves with a system designed for a very different reality some 200 years ago. In my own […]

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Digital Democracy Series: Can ubiquitous connectivity make political parties obsolete?

If I think ahead into what I want the world to look like in 30 years, one of my hopes is that connectivity will be so ubiquitous that we no longer need political parties to act as the primary means through which we practice democracy. I say ‘practice’ democracy because democracy is, like the act of […]

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Enabling Economies of Sharing Through Social Media

One of the reasons why I get excited about social media and ubiquitous connectivity is because of the potential to develop economies of sharing. Whether you realize it or not you already contribute to economies of sharing: for example, what finances many of the websites you visit is your ability to share information about yourself with advertisers […]

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Taking Steps Towards Digital Democracy

The single most difficult concept for many people to grasp when discussing the possibilities of the future is the idea that as our innovations evolve so too does the context that enables those innovations. For example, when Google made public its self-driving car a lot of people scoffed at the idea that such a machine-driven […]

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