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Let’s Make Spoiled Ballots Count

By Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo Sometimes in life we become so accustomed to the absurd nature of certain things that we fail to recognize them as absurd. Nowhere are these absurdities more prevalent than in how we manage to govern ourselves with a system designed for a very different reality some 200 years ago. In my own […]

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Re-thinking Public Post-Secondary Education Funding in Quebec and Canada

The recent students’ movement in Quebec formed in response to the provincial government’s plan to raise tuition fees has sparked a much needed debate on how we should fund post-secondary education. Given that my own opinion on the matter has shifted substantially since I graduated almost ten years ago, I’d like to add my voice […]

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Canada: It’s time to lose the Flag.

Hey Canada, howzitgoin’, eh? It’s hard for me to say this, but I think we need to talk about your flag. You know, the one you have sewn onto your back-pack. And the one on your T-Shirt. And your hat. Ok, what I mean to say is that we need to talk about your entire […]

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