My name is Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo and I am originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. As a student I studied literature and social movements with a focus on the means by which national identities are constructed. As a professional I have worked in everything from education and politics in Ecuador to technology at Google to leadership at the World Economic Forum.

Though I frequently publish on other websites I specifically use this blog to test different ideas. For me the process of writing about something and thinking about something are the same: only through writing about a topic do I find out what I truly think. As such, I tend to focus less on style and structure and more on trying to figure out how to express an idea. In addition my posts here tend to be longer than traditional blog posts as I work out the kinks of an argument.

I currently live in Geneva, Switzerland with my wife and dog. You can follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Everything written here represents my own views and not that of my employer.

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