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Disrupting the Hospitality and Food Industry Through Crowd-Sourcing Economic Activities

Growing up in the province of New Brunswick, Canada I was keenly aware that one family, the Irving family, owned and operated most industry. Whether it be oil/gasoline/ forestry/paper products/transportation of people and goods/media, whatever industry the Irving’s chose they generally weren’t satisfied until vertical integration was complete. In the case of transportation, for example, the Irving’s owned […]

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What if Google Created its own Currency?

What if Google Created its own Currency?

My latest blogpost comes via @TheNextWeb, and in it I discuss how Google should create its own currency in order to complete the social eco-system by giving people around the world a means to create online transactions without depending on the banking system.

Right now if you want to buy or sell something online you have to already have access to a bank account and often times a credit card. Though this system works for those from the developed world, it doesn’t work for the hundreds of millions of people in the so-called “Third World” who have access to the internet before having access to a bank account.

What then if we could create a way to earn and spend money online without needing a bank account? What if Google made such a system a fundamental component of Google+? These are the questions I seek to address in this post.

Special Thank to @TheNextWeb for providing me the opportunity to publish on one of my favourite web publications. 

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Good Boss or Bad Boss?

Good Boss or Bad Boss?

Just a quick link for you all today: my article on how to know if you’re a sucky boss was discussed in this article from Psychology today. 

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It’s Not About The Technology

By Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo In his ground-breaking novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” Gabriel Garcia Marquez explores the evolution of the town of Macondo from its founding until what we assume to be its apocalypse. Having spent two years of my life reading and writing about the novel I have the urge to say that the […]

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