My Itchy Hand

“I write when my hand itches”. One of the most influential authors on my early understanding of how the world works, Eduardo Galeano, used these words to explain why he writes. Similarly, though I shall never obtain the talent to infuse economics with poetry the way Galeano does, I write today because of the itch in my hand.

Sometimes that itch comes from the sensation of being overwhelmed by the seductive power of a single idea. Other times it comes from an inherent need to draw attention to injustice with the hopes that, with enough eyeballs, we can make the world right. Other times I get excited about the state of the world and the potential brought about by our cultural and technological evolutions. Lastly, I write out of fear of having lived a life without documented anything. Whatever the motive, I am a constant consumer of content and a reluctant contributor; today I hope to change that.

Like so much that divides my intentions from my output, my success in writing this blog depends entirely on the elusiveness of my discipline, along with my willingness to commit incomplete and un-proven ideas to paper. My hope is that whoever happens upon this will provide some encouragement by either joining the conversation or calling me on my failure to live up to my own expectations for myself.

About Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo

A former Google and Twitter manager, Matthew Carpenter-Arévalo is the founder and CEO of Céntrico Digital, a managed marketing services company.

One Response to “My Itchy Hand”

  1. And I will be reading what your itching hands decides in conection with your brain 🙂

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