La Necesidad de Inmigración Para Eco-Sistemas Tecnológicas

Viernes en Inglés se ha convertido en Lunes en inglés, dado que este fin de semana publiqué un artículo en http://www.TheNextWeb.Com argumentando que cualquier país latinoamericano que quiera desarrollar una ecosistema tecnológica tiene que encontrar la manera de atraer inmigrantes desde el exterior.  El artículo entero se encuentra aquí:

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Trust: The First Obstacle for Tech in Emerging Economies

In my latest article for @TheNextWeb, I discuss how the first obstacle for tech. communities and industries to flourish is the obstacle of building trust within the community.  Find the article in full using the following link:    

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Disruption or Disintermediation? The Nature of Change of Our Changing Nature.

The use of the word ‘disruption’ to describe the changes brought about by the ubiquity of computational devices and connectivity to the internet has become cliché. The term is useful in that it provides a rhetorical safety net by simultaneously describing everything and nothing, but its lack of precision inhibits technologists from achieving the goal […]

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Larry Page Did Well to Ignore Steve Jobs

In my latest piece published on I argue that Larry Page’s smartest move as CEO of Google has been to ignore Steve Jobs’ advice to keep the company focused. Find the Article here:

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What Will Latin America Bring to Davos?

As many of you know at the moment I work for the World Economic Forum. In this blog post I describe the individuals I am helping bring to our Annual Meeting in Davos. The theme of the 2013 meeting is “Resilient Dynamism”, and in the following post I discuss that topic within the context of […]

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When the U.N. Clashes with the Internet: The Crisis of Legitimacy of Representation

My latest blogpost comes via the World Economic Forum’s Blog. In it I discuss the crisis inherent in the recent conflict between the International Telecomunications Union and the members of the internet. I also discuss how this crisis manifests itself in both the news media as well as the private sector. Check it out here: […]

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Google Vs. France: Reorganizing the Media Landscape

Google Vs. France: Reorganizing the Media Landscape Hey Everyone,  A published a more organized article on the topic of the recent spat between Google and France on You can find the link here. Enjoy! 

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Alberto Acosta, La Izquierda Unida y El Poder Transformativo del Internet en Ecuador

Los últimos anuncios de La Coordinadora Plurinacional de Izquierdas, liderado por el ex aliado del gobierno Alberto Acosta, denota como se esta evolucionando el país. Primero, la elección de la afro-ecuatoriana María Caicedo como binomio demuestra que los grupos minoritarios están cada vez mas visibles en la política ecuatoriana: tal como mencioné en mi ultimo […]

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Google V. The French Media: Who Will Surrender?

By Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo If you’re either a techie or a media junkie you’re likely aware that Google and the French media are currently barreling down the information highway in each other’s direction playing a high stakes game of chicken. Google, operating on the assumption that the French always surrender (do I need to say which side […]

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